The craze for choker gone wild. I know! I know! Whether you are trying to go for a chic, classy or an edgy look, they fit perfectly to any outfit. I fell in love and obsessed with this trend. Of course I'm always into saving money without giving up fashion. So today I'm going to share another easy crochet choker necklace.  

The best part of this accessory is that it can be worn every season and can be custom made to match every outfit. In just few minutes you will have a fab and trendy choker. It is also a perfect gift for your sisters and friends! Let's start crocheting and enjoy.

You will be needing crochet hook, yarns and scissors.

Steps as follows;

1. Crochet 80 (The length depends on your size) + 3 more chains.

2. Crochet 1 SC into the second stitch from the hook. 3 SC into the next stitch. Chain 1 and turn your work.

3. For zigzag design - 1 SC into the first stitch. 3 SC into the next. 1 SC and turn your work. 

*Repeat for 64 times or depends on your length choice.*

4. Crochet 80 or the same length you did for step 1. And done!!

You can easily flatten your work if it curls using a hair straightener.


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