Amazing Grace - St. Padre Pio Chapel

I've been wanting to visit the chapel. Felt so blessed that on my birthday, wish do come true. ❤️ This is my very first visit to St. Padre Pio Chanel. St. Padre Pio Chapel is located at Libis, Quezon City. I was amazed of how the place looks so sacred and peaceful. BTW, this is a late post blog. Hehe. My birthday is December 13.

Those offered rosary added colors and meaning to the place.


Amidst the sacredness of the place, here's a crowd of cheerful doves. I should have brought biscuits to feed them.

A taste of Italy

Here's the solemn place where you can light candles and pray your intentions.

We had a prayerful time that afternoon and I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to visit St. Padre Pio Chapel. I will visit again soon. 


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