I love looking at fashion blogs and insta posts. This is a great and enjoyable hobby to have but can disheartening if you can barely afford a designer's collection. But style is style and fashion is for all of us despite of price and brand. I've rounded up ways of budget friendly fashion tips. And of course crocheting is on my top list. You'll never go wrong with  DIY and crafting your own accessories.

I couldn't help myself but fall in love with this crochet bib  necklace. It suits almost any outfits. It deserves full attention even only timeless basics were added.

It always feels better to make something than to buy which is why I love crochet when it comes to crafts.

Below is the step by step instructions to make this fabulous bib necklace;

It has 3 sets; Bottom has 33 chains, middle has 29 chains and top has 25 chains. You will do the same pattern in every set.

1. Crochet 33 chains. Chain 3 as the first DC. DC in the 3rd chain stitch. DC until you finish this row. (34 DC)

2. Chain 3. Turn your work. DC in same stitch. *Chain 3. DC in the next stitch for this row. 2DC into the very last stitch.  (33 chain spaces)

3. Chain 3. Turn your work. DC in same stitch. In the next chain space - treble crochet, chain 1, 2treble crochet, chain 1 and treble crochet . Chain 3. Skip 1 chain space. SC. Chain 3. Skip 1 chain space. Repeat the same for this row. Finish the bottom set by 2DC into the very last stitch. ( 9 scallops). Sew the excess yarns to keep it clean.

Layering the 3 sets;
Arrange it bottom to top. Secure the bib by sewing both ends. Attach the lace or chain to finish the necklace. And your necklace is ready to rock your day!

This pattern is owned by: Stephanie.

Trust me, this is an addictive hobby. You can finish 1 necklace as fast as within 20 minutes. You'll enjoy crocheting.

Do you also crochet? Share your masterpiece below in comment section. Let's connect!

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