I really like contours. I prefer to do it everyday to give my face dimension since I have a round face. This palette is promising with a very affordable price of 18AED. 

The palette comes with five cream shades.

For contour
1. Ashy brown
2. Warm brown

For concealer and highlighter
1. Shade with pink undertone
2. Shade with yellow undertone

For highlight
1. Light cream shimmering shade

The packaging is simple and cute. It is lightweight and handy. And since it has a clear cover, it is easy to see the color selection.

In the picture above, I only wear one layer of foundation on my face. Just what I said, I have a round face.

In the photo above, I've applied and blended the creams. I think the effect is visible but really natural. And yes it gives dimension onto my face. Blending was very easy. I expected that the effect would be streaky but certainly is not. I like the consistency of the product.


The color selection for a beginner palette is very good. I particular like that both warm and cool tones are offered. I have nothing really negative to say about this palette. It's so affordable. I will definitely use it again.

You might wanna check my video review on this palette.

Thank you for reading!

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