I have always heard and seen Peripera’s lip products in the KBeauty world, and finally I got my hands on it. I decided to purchase one of their best seller shades, #7 Dollish Beige Rose which I thought will suit me. I really wanted to try this because i want to test out the formula and see the difference from my typically liquid lip tints.

I bought the Peri's ink velvet at Club Clio store, inside SM for 450Pesos (43AED). It is packed in a sturdy rounded rectangular plastic jar with a cap that looks like a dropper applicator. It is handy and easy to bring with you. I bet so many people couldn't resist their cute packaging. It has 8 grams. The product is made in Korea.

I love the box it came with. It is unique, cute and artfully designed which is so eye catching to many. The vibrant colors also made it more attractive.

The doefoot applicator is quite big but still manageable to use. True to it's name, the formula of Ink Velvet feels so creamy while being effortlessly spreadable. 

When I swatch it on my hand, the texture is thick and creamy. It reminds me of the NYX lip cream, with same consistency, and velvety texture.  The pigmentation is great. It has incredible color pay off. Just one swipe gives you a true color from applicator to lips.

The first thing I noticed when I applied the product is the strong smell which maybe a no-no to others. When I  first smell it, it reminds me of a ball pen ink scent, and eventually after smelling it thoroughly, I can smell a powdery rose which is not bad at all for me. 

If you have a dry lips, I suggest you moisturize first before applying the product. The application is so easy. I find one dip is enough to cover my lips. I use the doefoot applicator to apply on my lips and mostly spread it using my clean finger tips to achieve that "korean gradient lips".

The color disappears and you get a boarder or line of lip color if you don't reapply. Feels lightweight and non-sticky. It has a nice satin velvet finish. It lasts for a long time on my lips. It gives you at least 5 to 6 hours of wear. It survives meals, and even if it fades, it will still work on retouch or reapplication. 

Have you tried the Ink Velvet? What do you think of the formulation? Let me know your thoughts on comments below.

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