Last December, I received my first beauty brand experience kit from Task-spotting. I was so happy to received the Jergens kit since I'm a devoted Jergens lotion user since forever.

Getting free goodies is something everyone looks forward to. So today I wanna share about how you can get a free stuff too. 

What is Task Spotting?

A cool application that has created a new way for brands to engage with customers.  Task spotting empowers consumers to inform and influence their network. This is a good beneficial marketing strategies for brands.

It was originally app launched by Dubai based tech that pays or rewards people for giving feedback. But recently, I participated Task spotting app in Facebook. It is so easy to be part of this craze. Download the Task spotting app or on Facebook directly, create a profile and start doing your missions to be matched with brand experience

How did I get my Jergens brand experience kit?

The steps were so simple. I did on Facebook a mission applying to be part of the Jergens crowd. Later on, I got an email saying that I was selected to be part of the brand experience. On the same day, I received a call from the courier company regarding the delivery of my kit. 

And viola, my Jergens kit was delivered straight to my doorstep the next day. After unboxing my kit, I completed the missions by posting a photo of the products and shared my honest thoughts about it. 

I received 2pcs of 200ml Jergens lotion. My favorite is the Soothing Aloe. It keeps my skin moisturize without a tacky feeling. The smell is relaxing and not too strong. It is so perfect for my liking. And don't forget the cute and handy Jergens mirror as well.

Overall, it was a fun experience to look forward. The excitement is surreal. From receiving the package, sharing the news, answering a quick survey and completing the missions, it all good fun. I must say that TaskSpotting is a great app and I encourage everyone to check it out and experience yourself. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it too. 


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