Here's another Korean brand that I'm loving and wanted to share with you today. This is such a WOW product!

Volcanic pore clay mask (original) is great for controlling sebum and perfectly fits my skin type. I would definitely say it's worth a try. BTW I have an oily skin especially on T-zone area.  

This is a 3-in-1 product that claims to control sebum, brighten, soothes and moisturizes skin and most probably treat blemishes.  


It comes in a jar-like container with an aluminium lid which is hygienic and clean. It does not break easily when dropped.


It is really thick and creamy while applying onto the face.


When you apply it onto your face, you wouldn't be able to smell the mask. The product is actually fragrance free which is suitable to those who are sensitive on strong scent products.


This mask is pretty straight forward and easy to apply. After your usual face cleansing routine, you apply this mask. Leave it for 10 to 15 mins. I like to massage the mask onto my face while washing to help in clearing out my pores. It doesn't dry out my skin which is I love. I have used it for 4-5 times already. It is advisable to use 1-2 times a week only. It does it's job on clearing my clogged pores but it doesn't feel like it is doing any extra ordinary at first but it will never fail you after few use. It is surprisingly good.




To be honest it is the most gentle yet effective clay mask I have ever tried. As promised, pores appears cleaner and blemishes heals faster. There's no drying, irritating  and tightening sensation whenever I use this mask. This could be enough to fall in love with this mask  and with it's ingredient lists is as good as it can be. Now I understand all the positive reviews  and love that this product is receiving around the globe and let's not forget that it's pretty inexpensive as well!

Have you tried this mask? Did you love it too?

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