I've been intrigues with acrylic nails and press-on nails for a few months now. I remember the fake nails I used back in my teenage years, they popped off in just a minutes and so. Now, I'm pretty sure that the fake nails game evolved and became much better. BTW, I'm someone who's had short nails my entire life. Thankfully, press-on and artificial nails are available everywhere and so I was tempted to give it a try to sports longer nails.

It is very rare for you to find me with naked nails. I love painting my nails. A fun and flirty manicure is one of those warm fuzzies in life that just makes me happy. I just find it very relaxing to clean and paint my nails at least on a weekly basis. But sometimes I am impatience of the drying and waiting game which is why I picked up a set of IMPRESS PRESS-ON MANICURE nails. 

Where: Carrefour, IBN Batuta Mall
Price: 27AED 
Pieces: 30 nails
Shade: Nude and glittery pink
Claims: Easy application, water proof, and can last up to a week

The first thing that I notice about the impress nails was the flexibility. It comes with different nail shape depends on your liking. These press-on nails are easy to use, strong and claims to last. Best of all zero drying time. There's even no need of glue. It literally took me less that 5 minutes to apply them all.

How to use these nails

Find your size. Play around and see which ones fit your nail best. Bear in mind that these isn't going to be a perfect fit, but I would suggest picking one that slightly smaller that your nail size.

Clean. The kits comes with a prep pad for cleaning the nails.

Apply the nails. Make sure that the tab of the sticker is aligned with your cuticle. Peel off the clear sticker and apply directly to the nail. Press down hard, focusing on the middle going to the sides.

File the nails. The kit also comes with a file to get rid of any awkward edges with the shape. You can also cut the nails shorter and file the edges.
This is how the nails look like day after the night I applied them.
The first day was okay. I love those flirty nails and keep my nails looking on fleek. I never had any problem wearing them for the first day.
The nails are still doing and looking great for the second day. It looks so natural when you first look at them, but up close, nails look fake.

These would be a perfect solution to a night out or occasion where you have a little time to get ready.

IMPRESS PRESS-ON NAILS last a minimum of 3 days for me.  The only reason why nails didn't last longer than three days was because they're sticking on my hair badly, and it is so uncomfortable. The nails had begun to come away a little bit at the bottom, leaving a gap. 

The removing part begins:

The removal is painful that's why I pull the nails slowly. Since this is my first time, I don't have much idea how to remove it correct. 

I should have soak it first with a nail polish remover so it will be easy to pull off and I might not ended up with a messy looking bare nails.

My Final Thoughts

I've never had acrylic nails so I'm not use to have a thick nails. I found it really difficult to pick things up, fix my hair and even open a compact powder with the press-on nails on. I don't think this is a product I would use on a regular basis. I would prefer to wear it for events. 

So have you tried ImPress Press-on Nails? Do you love it?

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