Hello Bears!

As you all know, I am a big fan into masking. Face masks are one of my favorite skincare product types. My skin needs masks to remain happy always. I'm trying out these clay masks that I recently got a from my Sephora purchase. BTW, These are only samples. 

What it is?
A line of masks formulated with natural clay to address a variety of target basic skincare needs. All three have the same creamy consistency, smell and felt light on the skin. 

It was very easy to apply and spread on my skin. After cleansing my face, I applied a thin layer and kept it for 15 minutes. It was easy to rinse off and left my skin feeling soft and fresh. The mask doesn't have burning or tingly feeling. 

Green Mask: This is my favorite among the three. It has a little granules that act as a exfoliating scrub. This mask was far the most worth trying for. 

Pink Mask: Nothing special in this mask. It is very light on my skin. 

Grey Mask: After used, it left my skin feeling softer than before. Has a slight brightening effect. Has a cooling effect that is not bothering at all.

I'm not sure if these masks are worth buying. For me, I will not purchase the full size since I don't see that this mask will work out and didn't met my expectations. I'm not sure how effective it would be away shrinking pores. It is so light on my skin which bothers me if it really works out. It keeps my skin feeling softer and supple  yet didn't last. 

Thank you for reading!

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