Flowers can convey a gentle caress, love and appreciation. Crochet is a fun and easy crafting idea to highlight the beauty of flowers.

Flower necklaces have increased in popularity over the past years. It can be worn to add style on your casual attires or during any festive occasions. I love flower necklaces that's why I decided to crochet my own to save money and customize my own designs.

Without further ado, let's start the fun part. Let's crochet together!


1-2. Make slip knot. Chain five (5).

3-4. Slip stitch to form a ring. Chain 3 that will serve as a DC (double crochet). Chain 2.

5-6. DC. Chain two (2). Repeat until you have 10 chain space.

7-8. Slip stitch to close the ring.

9-10. Chain 3 that will serve as DC. 4 DC in same stitch.

11-12. Five (5) DC along the DC. one (1) DC. Please see photo below.

13. You will just repeat the same stitches until you finish the ring.

14. Slip stitch to finish the flower. Keep your work clean by sewing the excess yarns. Tighten the petals of the flowers by sewing the edges. Add embellishment to make your project extra ordinary.

15. Finally, bring out your creativity and customize it as a necklace.

Enjoy your new necklace. Thank you for crocheting with me. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Til next project!

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