Hello Bears!

Good to be back to my crocheting game. Today, I will share how did I made my personalized bracelet. Basic and so easy to do. Even beginners can follow and cannot ditch and give up with this 3 minutes master piece. 

Let's get it started. Hope you enjoy!

Here's how to do it;

Shell Stitch - SC 1, CH 2 and SC 1

Row 1 - Chain 3, 1 shell stitch in the 3rd CH from the hook. Turn and CH 2.

Row 2 - Work 1 shell stitch in the CH 2 space of the previous shell. Turn and CH 2.

Repeat R2 until you reach your desired bracelet length. Finish off with CH 7 for the loop of your button to lock your bracelet. Don't forget to weave in ends. 

Hope you guys have fun!

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