Korean face masks make for a lovely ritual. But do they actually work?

Rue Kwave is endorsed by Korean celebrity, Kim Woo Bin. I am a Korean series fanatic and that is exactly the reason why I bought this mask. Haha!

This is a super hydrating mask. It is super rich and leaves my skin looking fresh and illuminated. The sheet came with a piece of plastic which had evenly distributed holes. The amount of essence was sufficient but not too wasteful. And I like that the sheet fits my face perfectly. It has a very light aroma scent which is fine for me. I am not fan of masks with too strong scent. It has a thin texture sheet which allows the maximum absorption of nutrient and promotes hydration effects on skin.

After using this sheet mask, I noticed that my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. It doesn't leave an annoying sticky residue, either.

But don't forget that a sheet masks aren't a replacement of a good skincare regimen. It should be used as a weekly pick-me-up to give you that extra boost of moisture and glow.

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