Hope you all doing well. At the moment I want to review the Yoyoso Nose Strips. So far, the best among the blackhead remover strips I've tried. This is from the brand Yoyoyo, which I just recently discover. Their shop is located at Satwa, Dubai UAE. When I first saw it, at glance I thought it's Mumuso. Their shop is almost Mumuso and Miniso concept. Yoyoso is a Chinese brand that's why at first I was hesitant to try but the price is not bad and so tempting and it looks same as the Holika Holika nose strips.  

I've been battling for a longest time from blackheads and whiteheads on my nose, cheek and chin areas. I also have an oily and recently acne prone skin. 

Come on, let's start to review this amazing strips! Continue reading to see the magic! Tadaa! ~

Sorry if it looks gross but this is my nose current situation. My stubborn blackheads are really showing off. I've had blackheads for as long as I can remember. I've tried so many strips but all are useless. The level of adhesive was so poor and the strip barely stick to my nose and mainly waste of money. So I'm hoping this Yoyoso strips will work.


Where to buy and price
I bought this nose strip in the physical store of Yoyoso in Satwa and the price is AED5.00. I'm not sure if they still have other branches. The product is made in China.

Packaging is so simple. 3 portions are equally divided in one handy sachet sheet. Yoyoso nose strip has a very cute and colorful packaging. And I find it adorable and I feel like experimenting so I ended up buying. 

How to use this product
This is the challenging part since labels are mainly written in Chinese characters it is so hard for me to properly use it. So I apply it on how I normally use strips. 
Using the Step 1, I apply the sheet soaked with clear serum to prep my skin. I leave it for 5 mins. No scent at all and the serum is so liquidy.

Using the Step 2, I apply the dry sheet. Just make sure the skin is still wet to stick it well.  The application is so easy since the shape of the sheet fits my nose perfectly. I leave for 10mins. 
Let me preface by saying that I have horribly clogged nose. Like, ridiculously. And this is so satisfying that finally a nose strip works well on me. This strip was able to remove almost 60% of the crap and gunk in my nose and that is a serious accomplishment. It left my skin smooth. This strip is great!

Using the Step 3, let's seal everything by applying this jelly nose sheet. It is so refreshing and no sent at all. I leave it for 15mins.

This product is promising. This strip didn't hurt at while pulling it off. The strip didn't quite get everything, but it was still very satisfying to see how much gunk it got. Wishing I could get these strips for my chin too. I love this product and I will continue to use it. 
Overall, these strips work miracles! It work really well for pulling out blackheads and all the dirt clumped on my nose compare to other strips I have used.

That's all today bears!


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