Celebeau is a Korean beauty brand. I haven't hard about Celebeau before until I attended a dinner party of SNP Korea here in UAE. These goodies were part of my goody bags. 

Secret Neon Lip Tint - 06 Neon Kiss Violet

This shade is a deep fushcia tone which complements all skin colors and perfect for daily use. It has a creamy texture and moisturizing to the lips. It stays on the lips for longer duration and leaves a stain. It has fruity candy scent. You will probably enjoy this if you are sporting neon color. This lip tint changes to neon color in blue light. You will totally stand out, girl!

It glides so smooth and easy to apply on the lips. It works well on dry lips. You don't need a lip balm underneath. 

Would I buy it: Nope, but I’ll use it since it was gifted to me.

Secret Neom Gel Liner - 05 Neon Eye Popstar

For more fun look, you can use this colored gel liner. It is waterproof and the color is so opeque. 

Would I buy it: Nope, I'm not fan of colored eyeliners. 

Sassy Glam Eye Glitter - 03 Pink Soda

This is my favorite of them all. I think this one is perfect for me! This is a shimmer eyeshadow. It claims to be long-lasting and crease proof which is perfect for my oily leads. This has a hint of peachy-bronzy shade that I like. 

Would I buy it: Yes, I love it!

Thank you for reading, bears!

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