Hello bears!

I'm back with a new review. Oh, I miss writing. I miss you all. I miss my website. I miss everything!! I hope all is well and staying safe especially at this hardest time. Let's all continue to pray and hope everything will be back to normal very very soon.

Do you have the same dilemma like mine? Short lashes problem. Hassle to wear false eyelashes. Don't now how to apply falsies.

Okay! I got you, bears!

I have a very less favorite mascaras on hand. I will have review on those one by one. So let's start the review with Lóreal Paradise Extatic.

"Paradise Extatic" Mascara Review - Application, Wear and  Formulation

My first application actually went pretty quickly and smoothly. I feel in love in an instant! This are what I noticed:

1. The formulation builds very quickly.
2. It dries quickly.
3. The formula is it dry. It means your lashes will not stick together between coats.
4. 1 to 2 coats gets the job well done.
5. Doesn't flake.
6. Lengthens and curls my lashes.
7. Lasts all day.
8. Doesn't clump.
9. Waterproof
10. And lastly, affordable.

This is a great mascara. It has a great brush that doesn't clump and applies a nice and even amount of product. It made my lashes look amazing so I highly recommend it. It's a good value also. I was pleasantly surprise that it stayed perfect all day. I use Etude House Mascara Remove to remove it and Viola! Not hard to remove at all. Also, the packaging is really nice lux looking. A definitely a go to for an affordable mascara!

Overall, I would recommend this mascara. It is a great formula that stands the test of a long day!

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

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